Welcome to my world!

I fill my days as much as I can with drawing and painting. It is the flow of creativity I seek, no matter what media really. I split my time and my work between Sweden and America. A bit of Europe as well.

I do work daily as an illustrator – freelancing my work in various projects with various clients. I enjoy the fun and the challenge creating logotypes, illustration work for communication purposes and much more.

As the Artist I get to enjoy “my own thing” and when time and inspiration falls into place – that thing would be the Horse. I love capturing feel and emotion. These beautiful beings are our own mirrors and they are filled with love and power. Another part is also the humor, the fun in life – that comes in many ways thru our animals, pets and even kids. I love creating there as well.

These images of my own are available for purchase, thru me or my partners. I offer cards and prints from my studio and you can contact me directly.  These links below lead you to my artwork printed on various products.



An open studio, where I show originals, takes place once a year in the barn, usually in June. I also offer courses at the farm, May thru September.

Keep an eye on my blog as well as Facebook.